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10 Welding Projects that Use Horseshoes

Welded HorseShoes

Over the years, many of our welding project posts have included horseshoes in the materials list. When it comes to scrap or yard sale materials you can use in your shop, horseshoes top the list in versatility and ease of use. This makes horseshoes the workhorse of the scrap welding world (terrible pun but still true nonetheless.)

Horseshoe drink bucket and cup holders

To honor this useful material, our welders decided to center this month’s welding project post around all the useful, whimsical creations you can weld using horseshoes. Take a look at these 10 welding projects to glean inspiration for your own horseshoe creations.

Coffee Mug Rack From Horseshoes

If you’re looking for a rustic, countertop coffee mug holder, give this project a try. Horseshoes can be used as hooks to keep your coffee mugs at the ready as well as the base support for your rack. Finish your piece with a coat of spray paint to keep rust off of your freshly cleaned mugs.

Horseshoe Boot Rack Welding Project

If you’re looking for a stable place to store your boots, horseshoes may be the solution you’ve been looking for. Using 3 horseshoes as a support on either side, connect your rack with a rebar base and horseshoes up top to keep your boots in place. Place your rack on top of a boot tray to keep your boots dry and your floor drip free.

Horseshoe Frogs Welding Project

If your garden stands in need of some creativity, weld a few frog sculptures using horseshoes. Use 2 shoes for the feet, 2 for the body and two for the open mouth. Finish by creating 2 bug eyes on top using round washers and spray painting your piece green.

Horseshoe Drink Holder With Ice Bucket Welding Project

If you’re looking for a drink holder to use out in the yard during lawn games, why not weld one for a group? Using a metal bucket as your base attatch horseshoes around the bottom 2 deep and at roughly a 45° angle. Add some pieces of metal grate to the bottom to ensure your drinks and bottles stay put and don’t end up on the lawn with your bean bags.

Horseshoe Coat Rack Welding Project

Chilly weather is around the corner and soon enough you’ll need an easy place to ditch your coat on a cold winter evening. Horseshoes can be used to create a coat rack from start to finish or attached to a rustic wood base as hooks.

Horseshoe Wine Rack Welding Project

Horseshoes are truly a versatile welding material, able to be used in both upscale and casual rustic decor. If you’re looking for a tabletop wine rack with southern charm, try welding one from horseshoes. 12 shoes and some rebar or metal tubing can create a rack that holds 6 spare bottles, a creative way to store the wine you’ve collected on your travels.

Horseshoe Pumpkin Welding Project

Fall is practically here and with it will come a run on leaf, gourd and pumpkin decor. To create a pumpkin you can enjoy year after year, attach 8 spare horseshoes together, tip to tip with even spacing. Spray paint your creation orange for effect and add a stem from scrap metal or spare materials.

Horseshoe Side Table Welding Project

Create a sturdy table base by welding horseshoes together: Start by creating a base foot using two shoes welded together at a 90 degree angle. Build your table to the selected height by welding your horseshoes together tip to top. At the top, use horseshoes to create a box to attach your tabletop which can be made from wood, metal or glass.

Horseshoe Towel Holder Welding Project

To add rustic style to your bathroom, create a towel holder using horseshoes. Start by welding 5 horseshoes together in peaked, V formation and add one on each end at a 90 degree angle. Attach rebar or metal tubing to connect the ends and hold your bath towel in place.

Horseshoe Paper Towel Holder

For easy paper towel dispensing with country charm, weld a paper towel holder using 2 horseshoes, some metal sheeting and a piece of rebar. Start by attaching your shoes at a 90 degree angle and add a piece of metal sheeting to create a place to attach your rebar rod.

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