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The Best Sale on the Lincoln Squarewave TIG/Stick Welder

Welder using the Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG 200

Right now you can save $475 on a Lincoln Squarewave TIG/stick welder by taking advantage of the discounts available on Baker’s Gas and Welding. This powerful machine offers a wide range of versatile stick and TIG welding options that makes it a tremendous value for a home welding shop or light fabrication and repair businesses. Is this the best welding value for you? Here’s an overview:

Advanced Stick and TIG Welding Features

The low price on the Lincoln Squarewave, especially with all of the rebates and coupon opportunities offered at Baker’s Gas and welding, may be a red flag for some. Can you really get enough power and options out of a machine priced like that?

Lincoln has focused on the essentials for this machine and made them top of the line. From switching between AC TIG and DC TIG, to the option of stick welding, you’ll find options like pulse mode that will make you a faster, more accurate TIG welder. The simple user interface is easy to setup and to get started on welding projects right away.

Versatile TIG and Stick Welding Options

In addition to AC TIG welding on aluminum, the Lincoln Squarewave also includes DC TIG welding on steel, stainless steel and chrome-moly. You’ll have a foot pedal included for easy heat manipulation while you work, while the AC frequency can be adjusted to manage the width of your welding arc.

Easily swap out TIG for stick welding when you’re working with thicker metals or need to weld outside where shielding gas will be less effective.

Portable but Capable

With the ability to swap out power cables for both 120V and 230V power outlets, this AC/DC 200 amp machine offers a wide range of power options. It weighs 46 pounds, making it portable when moving from garage TIG projects to stick applications outside.

The number of features packed into this machine combined with the significant price reduction offered through Lincoln and Baker’s Gas and Welding make it a tremendous value for welders looking to pick up a reliable, fully capable TIG welding machine capable of working on a variety of metals.

Save an Additional $25 on a Baker’s Bundle

A carefully chosen set of essential TIG and stick welding accessories are now on sale for $25-off. The bundle includes:

  • Gloves – K2981-L
  • Blue Demon 3/32″ Qty 3 1lb packages of Aluminum TIG Rod – ER4043/094-01T
  • Stainless Steel Brush – NAS102-397SS
  • E3 Tungsten Electrodes 3/32″ – 900-3327GE3
  • Weldcote 3/32″ x 36″ Qty 3 1lb packages – E70S6332X36T

This is a total value of $100, but you just pay: $75.


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Regular price $2,499.00 USD
Sale price $2,499.00 USD
Regular price
Lincoln Square Wave 200 TIG/Stick Welder - K5126-1
Regular price $17.15 USD
Sale price $17.15 USD
Regular price $22.68 USD
Lincoln Leather TIG Welding Gloves - K2981
Regular price $525.00 USD
Sale price $525.00 USD
Regular price $830.52 USD
3M Speedglas Welding Helmet - 9100XXi Auto Dark Lens - 06-0100-30iSW

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