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Affordable and Powerful TIG Welding with the Lincoln Squarewave TIG 200 Welder

Affordable and Powerful TIG Welding with the Lincoln Squarewave TIG 200 Welder

TIG welders will find a lot to love about the flexibility and variety of features available in the lightweight and versatile Squarewave TIG 200 welder from Lincoln Electric. Take this machine anywhere and weld a wide variety of materials, swapping TIG or stick welding settings in order to work with steel (up to ⅜”), stainless steel, aluminum (up to 3/16”), and chrome-moly.

This entry-level TIG machine is affordable, priced at $1,500 (use the promo code TIG200 while supplies last), and offers a wide range of features that make it easy to “set it and forget it” while working on TIG welding projects. Here’s a look at what you’ll find in this valuable machine:

Comparing the Squarewave TIG 200 to Other TIG Machines

From pulsing options to its hefty 200 amps total rated power, the Squarewave provides a much-needed balance of power and affordability in the TIG welding market. Some of the larger TIG machines from Miller or Lincoln can range anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000, while the smaller “suitcase” TIG welders from ESAB hover around $500. However, these larger welders may offer more power than many welders require, and suitcase welders may not have the power to deliver on routine welding projects.

This is why the SquareWave shines as an extremely affordable machine that doesn’t sacrifice its power, functionality, or features. You’ll find the best of both worlds with this machine’s size and power, while also not breaking the bank. 

Versatile Welding Options

Swap out DC or AC power or use 120V vs 230V power on this versatile TIG welder that can also switch to stick welding for thicker metal or outdoor projects where shielding gas may not be effective. Crank up the power to 200 amps when you need it, but also weld thin metals without distortion or burn-through.

Better Settings for TIG Welding Aluminum

Switching from DC to AC power makes it possible to TIG weld aluminum with the Lincoln Squarewave TIG 200. When TIG welding thinner metals like aluminum, welders will get started faster with high-frequency starts and benefit from adjust their arc for wider or tighter configurations depending on the weld size and position.

By using Lincoln Squarewave for aluminum projects, welders will have cleaner, stronger welds because of the variety of settings and cleaning options available. Welders can also pulse at 0.5-2.0 pulses per second, minimizing the material distortion and giving more control over the amount of material added to the weld.

Get Better Value Today with the Lincoln Squarewave TIG 200

Read customer reviews, watch expert video reviews, or add on the perfect accessories or safety gear for the Squarewave TIG 200 now at Baker’s Gas and Welding. With the promo code TIG200 and Baker’s free ground shipping, you’ll find one of the best deals online for this industry-leading TIG welding machine, while also saving big on any add-on items. While you’re visiting Baker’s Gas and Welding, check out our discounts on Lincoln’s Viking welding helmet or our wide variety of welding gloves and carts on sale. 


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