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The Lincoln Electric Garage Pak is Back! This Time- $1,000 Rebate.

Garage Pak is Back- $1,000 rebate

The Lincoln Electric Garage Pak is back by popular demand! Lincoln Electric listened to their customers and brought back the #1 selling machine bundle. The Garage Pak is the ultimate MIG and AC/DC TIG set up. The bundle includes both the Power MIG 210 and the Square Wave TIG 200 with a significant discount.  This promo was a major success a few years ago. We are here to help answer if two machines are better than an all in one!? 

3 Ways to Save

The Garage Pak has a list price of $4,529. Lincoln Electric is currently offering a $1,000 rebate when you buy both machines. On top of the biggest rebates ever, Baker's sweetens the deal by throwing in a Viking 3350 helmet plus a Baker$ Bonu$ at time of purchase! (*No promo code needed)

3 ways to save

If you purchase either machine individually you will receive a $400 rebate on each machine. (It really is the time to do both if you EVER will need MIG and AC TIG) Both the PowerMIG 210 and Squarewave TIG 200 are best sellers and are one of the only name brands to bring back the rebates in 2022! 

Power MIG 210 
The Lincoln Electric Power MIG 210 is a very popular MIG option on the market today. Whether welding is your hobby or you are a contractor doing smaller jobs, this machine can get the job done. Coming in at just 40 pounds it is packed with power, capable of welding up to 3/8 in. mild or stainless steel. Lincoln Electric has been making these for a very long time so they have mastered the technology to provide you a reliable, rugged, and powerful machine.
Simple machine for all skill levels. Loaded with Ready. Set. Weld. so you are ready to weld faster with no need to reference charts for settings. Basically with a few option selections you have Lincoln Electric experts parameters set up. From there you can adjust based on your preferences but we find rarely do we move from the Ready. Set. Weld. suggested settings. 

Square Wave TIG 200

Square Wave TIG

 The Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG 200 is an AC TIG portable machine. This machine has a very easy to use control interface, making it easier to use for less experienced welders and advanced enough to take on most at home projects. The Square Wave is on the smaller side while still packing the power and useful features. It is multi voltage capable (120v and 230v) allowing you the ultimate in portability. The pulsed TIG capabilities make it easy to make nice looking welds and tackle that aluminum project. The Square Wave is also packed with options usually only available to high end TIG machines. With its adjustable frequency and balance you are sure to find yourself stacking epic dimes in no time. To top it all off this machine can weld up to 3/16" Aluminum or 3/8" Steel. Check out our review video if you want to see a closer look. 

Garage Pak vs. All in One Welder

The Garage Pak holds up against the competition in many different ways. Lets start by comparing the Miller Electric Multimatic 220 to the Lincoln Electric Garage-Pak. 


ÔĽŅThe Lincoln Square Wave 210 is capable of both 120V or 230V with a rated output of 85A-220A. The Square Wave is AC/DC TIG capable and can¬†weld up to 3/8" steel and 3/16" aluminum. With an arc start as low as 10 amps, your imagination is the only thing holding you back.¬†This machine can also pulse at a rate of (0.1-20) pulses per second, making smooth and clean welds easy. This unit has a 25% duty cycle at 125 amps.

The Miller Multimatic 220 is also capable of 120V and 230V with a rated output of 20A-210A. The Multimatic 220 can also do AC/DC TIG, capable of 24 ga. - 1/4" Steel and Aluminum. This machines has a pulse range of (0-150) pulses per second. This unit has a duty cycle of 40% at 170 amps. The major difference between the two machines is that the Square Wave can do AC Pulsed TIG and the Miller Multimatic 220 cannot. 


The Lincoln Power MIG 210 is dual voltage (120V or 230V) rated at 210 amps. With this machine you can weld up to 5/16 mild or stainless steel. With the optional spool gun (K3269-1) it is capable of 3/16 aluminum. The large color display makes it easy to make adjustments and guides you through the setup process for each material. All of these features and capabilities are packed into a small 40 pound package.

Lincoln Electric PowerMIG 210 Application

The Miller Multimatic 220 is rated between (30A-230A) for MIG welding. It is capable of 3/8 in. 24ga. steel and 3/8 in. 18ga. aluminum, with the optional spool gun (300371) or (301272). The Multimatic is a more capable unit when it comes to material thickness for MIG welding. The Power MIG 210 makes up for that by having a slightly higher duty cycle than the Multimatic 220.


The Square Wave TIG 200 has an output range of 10A-170A. This machine has a duty cycle of 20% at 170A. It is capable of stick welding 3/8 in. steel and 3/16 in. aluminum.

The Multimatic 220 can stick weld 16ga. steel up to 3/8 in. thick. The welding amperage range is 30A-200A, with a duty cycle of 15% at 200A at 28.4 V.


You can get two individual machines right now for around the same price as one all in one unit. We hear a lot of customers favor having a dedicated machine for each process. The more traditional mindset of a one that excels in each rather than an "all in one" unit. Having two machines makes it less likely to have down time due to machine failure. We have to say they are pretty comparable really does come down to if you want two machines or one. 

Two machines better than one? 

The Lincoln Garage Pak combo and AC/DC all in one's are both great welding setups that paired together are capable of all three processes. There are slight advantages and disadvantages to both setups as explained above. One major buying point is whether you are looking for an all in one, or if you are okay with having two machines. If you want the flexibility and reliability of having two welders, go with the Garage Pak. The Lincoln Electric machines in the Garage Pak have been used in the industry for quite some time and have proven their reliability. This deal is for a limited time only while supplies last. If you have more questions on your needs contact our team for a custom quote and recommendation. Baker's Gas offers free same day shipping on this bundle. 

Garage Pak Storage Stand

Take a look at this Youtube video of a stand you can make for this setup. Sam Macy Designs is his channel. Sam is actually a customer here at Bakers and purchased his own Garage-Pak from us.

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