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Military & First Responder Offer on Miller Electric Machines and Helmets

Military & First Responder Offer on Miller Electric Machines and Helmets

Baker's Gas has teamed up with Miller Electric to offer an exclusive¬†offer for all Active Duty Service Members, Retires, Veterans, First Responders, Active Police,¬†Firefighters, and students.¬†This promotion applies to all Miller Electric machines and helmets. We appreciate your service! ūüáļūüáł

Miller 220 in use with Relic Helmet

This offer can be stacked with any other Bakers promotions going on at the time. Baker's Gas offers very competitive pricing and works hard to keep all of the most popular machines and accessories in stock for fast and free shipping in the US. 

Baker's is also taking 10% off of the sale price of any Miller Electric welding helmet. If you are in the market for a new hood and are eligible for this discount, you wont find a better price on Miller Electric helmets or gear anywhere else. 

If you are patriotic and want to show it off with your welding hood, Miller has you covered. Miller offers a stars & stripes graphic on their Digital Infinity and Digital Elite helmets.

For more details on how to get a military offer on Miller Electric machines, look at this page for eligibility and verification. Id.me makes it simple and fast to verify and apply your status. For any other questions, take a look at our FAQ'S here or reach out to our support team for a custom quote. 

Id.me Verify

We want to honor and thank those who serve and protect us. Our current President was a Firefighter for over 30 years. We appreciate all first responders! THANK YOU! If you are looking for something that does not qualify reach out and our team is happy to help!  

**Exclusively offered through ID.me on Miller Electric Equipment at this time. Once verified the offer will be applied**

Evan H.


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