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Welders Review the Miller Multimatic 200 All-in-One Welder

Welders Review the Miller Multimatic 200 All-in-One Welder

We’ve had over a year to watch welders pick up the Miller Multimatic 200 multi-process welder, and the reviews have been just about 100% positive. From hobby welders to small welding shops, welders of all skill sets and interests are finding these powerful, sturdy machines an excellent option that saves a bunch of money and space. Here’s an overview of what reviewers found most appealing about the Multimatic:


A Mobile Multi-process Welder

“I needed a mobile package that could service friends, family, and other community projects on the go.”

Weighing in at 29 pounds, the Miller Multimatic 200 is truly one of the most portable welders on the market, while still delivering enough amperage to handle the majority of welding projects you’ll face. The welding amperage range includes:

MIG: 30-200 amps
TIG: 5-150 amps
Stick: 20-150 amps

With that kind of range, the Multimatic eliminates the need to pile up heavy welding machines in your garage or workshop. Best yet, you can just switch from one process to the other without losing time on your project.

Smooth Welding Arc for All Welding Settings

“Very smooth arc in all functions; MIG, stick & TIG; The Bernard MIG torch is high quality, as are the stick lead and ground clamp.”

You can make high quality welds if you’re working with high quality tools. The top notch MIG torch and ground clamp are both important advantages that the Multimatic 200 offers. A top of the line MIG torch can make or break a project, and a solid ground clamp will keep your arc from skipping and popping sparks all over the place.

Strong Welds and Excellent Flux Core Welding

“Welded great. I could not believe it. .035 flux core runs great as well. Welded a 1/2 inch plate on top of a schedule 40 4″ pipe for vice mount. Good penetration.”

The Multimatic 200 doesn’t just offer a lot of versatility for welders, it also offers a lot of power, welding metal with excellent penetration. And if you need to drop the shielding gas and switch to flux core, you can also make great MIG welds in no time.

Versatile Power Options and Settings

“I also liked the autoset and the ability to use both 110 and 230 volt input (110 is often a necessity on site).”

“The auto-set is a significant time saver. I know it isn’t difficult to look things up on a table, but it is so quick to simply dial in the material thickness, wires size and go.”

The Auto Set feature offered by many of Miller’s welders is among the most popular features that reviewers mention. By simply entering in the parameters of the metal you’re working on, the machine will adjust to the optimal settings without having to play with the amperage.

Of course you don’t have to stick with the Auto-Set’s welding options. Many welders, who value Auto-Set’s convenience, just use them as a starting guideline before tweaking them for a particular project.

In addition, the 110 and 230 Volt options ensure that you can weld both thin and thick metals in any setting, whether you have full or limited power options.

Need TIG Capability? Miller Has You Covered!

While the base model of the Multimatic 200 doesn’t offer a TIG torch, Miller offers an upgrade TIG package that takes care of most TIG welding projects. Since TIG welding is quite different from MIG and stick welding, you’ll need to pick up the TIG kit which includes following supplies:

  • Weldcraft® 150-amp LS17 TIG torch
  • 25-mm Dinse connector
  • 6-pin north/south fingertip controls
  • AK-2C torch accessory kit
  • Regulator
  • Gas hose
  • Protective carrying case

Keep in mind that the Multimatic doesn’t offer AC for TIG welding aluminum, so if you do end up working on a lot of TIG projects, you may want to check out the Miller Diversion or Maxstar TIG welder.

Don’t Miss the Power and Portability of the Miller Multimatic 200!

You don’t have to just read about the Miller Multimatic 200. You can pick up this industry-leading machine today at a steep discount from Baker’s Gas and Welding. Whether you need a reliable welder that runs with a smooth arc or you need something portable and versatile, Miller’s Multimatic is still one of the top machines to check out. Don’t forget to check out Baker’s great selection of welding consumables and welding safety gear!



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