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The Brand New ESAB Rebel 205 Is Shipping Now

The Brand New ESAB Rebel 205 Is Shipping Now

There is no better time to purchase the highly anticipated ESAB Rebel 205ic multi-process welder. A large shipment has just arrived at the Baker’s Gas and Welding warehouse, so now is a great time to learn more about this highly anticipated machine that offers tremendous value to welders.

Features on the ESAB Rebel 205ic


The Rebel 205ic is the latest version of ESAB’s truly multi-process welding machine that offers MIG, stick, and TIG welding options, including AC/DC power and MIG with flux-cored wire. Even AC TIG makes it possible for this machine to TIG weld aluminum.

Weighing in at 49 pounds and swapping between 120V and 230V power, this is the machine that you can carry it anywhere and weld almost anything. With Smart MIG technology (sMIG), the machine will gradually learn from your tendencies and patterns, making repeated welds easier, more accurate, and cleaner.

Each welding process runs smooth with specialized features including hot starts and full control over the arc. You can even run 6010 electrodes on a 120V input line.

When it comes to TIG welding, the new Rebel includes LiftTIG and high frequency start, AC wave balance (60% -90%), AC frequency (25-400Hz), pulsed (DC) (1-500 pps) and amplitude offset for AC TIG projects. The Pre/Post Flow is adjustable, pre flow: 0 to 25.5 seconds and post flow: 0.5 to 25.5 seconds.

Get Limited Time Pricing on the ESAB Rebel 205ic

This machine is currently listed on at a discounted price. Click here to checkout the product page and it's current deals! Email us at if you have any questions or need a quote! 

Set Up and Save with a Baker’s Bundle

Get all of the supplies you need to start welding with the Baker’s Bundle and save big when you add it onto your machine purchase. The Baker’s Bundle includes two spools of mild steel welding wire, a pack of 7018 electrodes, pliers, and a MIG consumables kit. It provides you everything you need to get started and tackle your first project. 

See the full list of bundle products you’ll save on.

Burn and Earn on Other ESAB Welding Machines

Save big on ESAB's most popular welding and cutting equipment by taking advantage of their rebates! ESAB refreshes their Burn and Earn rebate program each season, so be sure to check back for the current deals. They are one of the few companies who still offer their end users a chance to save and earn free gear and we love them for it. 

Review all of the Burn and Earn machines at Baker’s Gas and Welding

Learn More about the ESAB Rebel 205ic

Find out why customers have been asking around the clock about the new Rebel 205ic. This truly multi-process, high capacity machine has the makings of a game changer in the multi-process market, offering real value its Smart MIG features and range of TIG welding options.

We are doing our best to get orders shipped out as soon as possible! Give Baker’s a call if you have questions! 

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