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Introducing the New Miller Multimatic 255 Multiprocess Welder

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Miller’s Multimatic Multiprocess welder took the welding world by storm with its simple interface and extensive multiprocess features. Now Miller has released the all new and improved Multimatic 255, offering a crystal clear LCD color screen for adjusting settings and a wide range of welding processes, including: MIG (GMAW), Pulsed MIG (GMAW-P), Flux-cored (FCAW), DC stick (SMAW), DC Lift-Arc™ TIG (GTAW), and Pulsed TIG (GTAW-P). It is officially out and in stock at Baker’s! Check out our review video below:

Who Needs Multiprocess Welding?

Maintenance, overhaul, and repair professionals as well as light manufacturing companies will find this 85 pound, 250-amp multiprocess welder ideal for completing jobs faster and in a variety of settings.

Swap out stick for MIG welding when working with steel, and customize your setup for all kinds of MIG projects, including push-pull MIG guns allowing use of 12-inch spool vs spool gun 4-inch spools.  TIG and Pulsed TIG ensure that you can weld finer metal projects.

If you choose the option of the MDX-250 EZ-Select MIG gun, it has four LED lights on the back of the gun handle to indicate which program you’re using on your MIG gun. (All Multimatic 255’s are coming with the new MDX gun from Miller but the one with lights is an add on) 

Auto-Set Elite for Multiprocess Welding

As with most Miller welders, the Multimatic 255 offers Auto-Set Elite, which makes it easy to enter your your material thickness and other details in order to bring up the right parameters for welding. Whether you’re working with MIG, TIG, or stick, you’ll have your settings ready to go in no time.

Once you have the settings right for a routine project, you can save up to four of them on the machine so that you’ll be up and running in no time.

Auto-Line Technology

You’ll have all of the power your need with the Multimatic, which offers the convenience of an inverter power supply that uses any single-phase input voltage hookup (208-240 V). You’ll even be able to use dirty or unreliable power. Keep in mind this machine does not come with a plug installed. You will have to add one or have a certified electrician add one for you. 

Additional MIG Welding Features

If you’re working with the MDX-250 MIG gun for a project, you will enjoy the smooth wire feeding of its AccuLock™ S consumable system. This highly stable and secure wire feeding system makes it easy to install contact tips with a single turn, locks the front and back of the gun for easy wire feeding, and has a durable, ergonomic handle for working for longer stretches of time.

Auto-gun detect makes it easy to swap out the voltage, wire speed and timers for faster switching between MIG, push-pull and spool guns. When using the pulsed MIG setting, you’ll have lower heat input for minimal distortion and better control of the puddle when welding out of position. Finer welds on aluminum and and stainless steel will be cleaner and require significantly less grinding and reworking.

Learn More about the New Multimatic 255

If you’re in the market for a new multiprocess welder, the Multimatic 255 is a great option. You can read detailed specs of the new machine at the Baker’s Gas and Welding website. If you want to stock up on contact tips, add a TIG kit, or include a compatible spool gun, Baker’s makes it easy to add them to your order with a single click.

Learn more about the Multiprocess 255 Welder

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