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Lincoln Electric's Newest Welder - POWER MIG 211i MP


Lincoln Electric has just released the brand new POWER MIG 211i MP. This machine is unique to their lineup because it is a MIG only machine. This machine is designed to be simple and reliable for many years to come. Keep reading below to learn more.



The new 211i is extremely easy to use, welders of all experience levels could operate this machine. The simplistic control panel makes it easy to set and monitor your voltage, wire speed and material thickness. Pair that with the push button design for the wire diameter and process, and you can see how this machine is very easy to operate.

POWER MIG 211i MP Control panel


The POWER MIG 211i MP is also a very capable machine, especially for the price point.  The pre-programmed modes for materials are going to cover the majority of materials you would ever have to work with. The maximum material thickness is 3/8, so it can handle most things a farm, small shop, or hobby welder would encounter. The machine comes with a 120V and 230V input cables so you will be able to power it up anywhere. 

The duty cycle is 30% at 175A. So you will be able to knock out most projects with ease. The 30% duty cycle means you could weld for 3 minutes straight without letting off, before the machine would overheat. The last important feature is that this machine is compatible with a spool gun (K3269-1). Opening up the ability to MIG aluminum.


This machine might not have time on the market to prove it is reliable, but the Lincoln Electric name tells you everything you need to know. The inverter technology that Lincoln puts in all of their machines has proven to be reliable over time, so that will be the case with this machine as well. The simplistic design inside and out, makes it so there is less that can go wrong with your machine. 

The warranty on this machine is 3 years parts and labor. Lincoln Electric puts this warranty on all of their welders to give you peace of mind. If you ever run into any issues there is always a service center nearby, and the parts and labor is covered by Lincoln for 3 years. 



The POWER MIG 211i MP was designed to be very easy to move around. The ergonomic case has handles on both ends and one in the middle. This makes it very easy to carry in a non-awkward or strenuous way. The machine comes in at just 41 pounds, so almost anyone can comfortably move this machine around. The machine's overall dimensions are 15.5 x 10.75 x 22 so this will easily fit in a garage or small shop.

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