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Save Some Green By Buying Blue: Miller Month

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Miller Electric has become the world’s largest manufacturer of arc welding and cutting equipment. Miller products are continually some of the top selling products at Baker’s Gas and Welding. When you purchase a Miller helmet or machine, you will receive a pair of free Multi-Purpose gloves. 

Miller 211 Mig Welder

Millermatic 211 

The Millermatic offers a wide range of features that make it the best in its class. The Smooth-Start offers a smooth, spatter-free start, which makes it the best starting machine in its category. The Millermatic 211 also welds the thickest material in its class. The machine offers the highest output of MIG machines, and can weld from 24 ga-3/8 in mild steel in a single pass on 230 V. Finally, the machine is spool gun ready out of the box! The 211 is one of the most economical ways to weld aluminum. Watch our Youtube review on the 211!

Miller Digital Infinity Welding Helmet

Miller Digital Infinity Helmet

The newly released Miller Digital Infinity helmet is truly a game changer. It offers the largest viewing area in the industry, measuring in at 13.4 square inches. The helmet also includes all new headgear, which offers oversized comfort cushion, provides extensive adjustability, settings, and improved support for better fit and comfort. The helmet still includes all of the features of a Miller helmet, which include: four arc sensors and modes (weld, cut, grind and X-mode), InfoTrack advanced technology, and finally digital controls.

Miller Heavy Duty MIG/Stick Gloves 

These popular gloves feature a premium, yet comfortable top-grain cowhide that is thick enough to handle any sparks, spatter, and or heat.   The back of the glove offers a breathable pig skin split grain that will be more durable for both high temperatures and impact. The cotton fleece and foam insulation is great for dealing with heat handling.

Still not sure what Miller item is right for you ? 

Now is a great time to save up on Miller machines, gear, and accessories. While browsing for Miller promotions, make sure to check out all the other great promotions going on!


Regular price $1,935.00 USD
Sale price $1,935.00 USD
Regular price $2,451.00 USD
Miller Millermatic 211 MIG Welder w/ Advanced Auto Set - 907614
Regular price $340.00 USD
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Regular price $476.17 USD
Miller Digital Infinity Welding Helmet w/ ClearLight 2.0 Lens, Black - 289714
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Miller Classic Heavy Duty MIG/Stick Gloves