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Ansul Dry Chemical, Plus-Fifty C, 400 Lb. Drum - 9393

by Ansul

Ansul - SKU ANS9393

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    Ansul PLUS-FIFTY C may be used to combatfires in flammable liquids, gases andgreases (Class B) including such fires wheninvolved with energized electrical equipment(Class C). Specific applications include theprotection of commercial food preparationequipment (fryers, griddles, range hoods,etc.) and textile machinery.PLUS-FIFTY C is available in hand portableand wheeled extinguishers, large stationaryunits, mobile units and various fixed nozzlepiped systems.
    This is the first of Ansuls dry chemicals, andthe most widely used. PLUS-FIFTY C is asodium bicarbonate based dry chemical containingchemical additives, and is producedby an exclusive Ansul chemical process.The resultant agent is free-flowing, waterrepellant, non-abrasive and, when used as afire extinguishing agent, will produce notoxic effects. PLUS-FIFTY C is bluish-whitein color to differentiate it from the other drychemical agents.Post fire cleanup of PLUS-FIFTY C can bereadily accomplished using a vacuum cleaneror a broom and dust pan.
    On a pound for pound basis, PLUS-FIFTY Cis twice as effective in extinguisher applicationsas carbon dioxide. Various extinguisherscharged with PLUS-FIFTY C will functioneffectively at temperatures from 65 ¡;F to150¡;F (54 ¡;C to 66 ¡;C). Other agents arenot listed for temperatures exceeding 120 ¡;F(49 ¡;C).
    Caution: Never mix PLUS-FIFTY C withphosphate based dry chemicals. A chemicalreaction that is harmful to the extinguisherwill take place.
Ordering Information
    PLUS-FIFTY C is available in fifty pound(22.7 kg) cartons (Part No. 9338), and fiftypound (22.7 kg) pails (Part No. 9336). Refillservices are available from your local Ansul distributor.
Approvals and Listings
    Nationally recognized testing laboratoriesgrant an approval or listing for the combinationof an extinguisher and its agent.Numerous types and sizes of approved orlisted PLUS-FIFTY C extinguishers areavailable. Following discharge, theseextinguishers are to be refilled only with theoriginal agent, as specified on the nameplate.This agent meets specifications ofagencies of the U.S. and Canadian governments.ANSUL and PLUS-FIFTY are registered trademarks.
400 lb. Drum, 4/pallet

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