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Welding Project Ideas

Professional welders often enjoy using their talents to create practical and artistic pieces in their spare time. While some projects can be completed with scrap or recycled metal on the cheap, oftentimes the material and equipment costs for a project are high enough that a DIY welding project won't always be the most economical option.

However, there is tremendous value in being able to customize products for your own use, and making them sturdy enough to last for a long time. Welders can prove useful for making repairs, but when it comes to a DIY welding project, here are some things to consider and some plans for getting started:


Needed for Welding Projects

A MIG welder is one of the most popular welders for home projects since it's extremely easy to learn, versatile, clean, and quick. For those who are new to welding and are looking for a good option for a rental or purchase, the affordable price and simplicity of a MIG welder will be appealing. Stick or TIG welders offer a little more versatility, but they also require more practice. A stick welder also has slag that needs to be chipped off and may not be preferable for a welding project.


Multi-Process Welders are an emerging new type of welder that provides excellent versatility for welding projects. They have the capabilities of MIG, TIG or Stick welding if properly equipped. 

Basic safety products include a welding helmet, gloves, a grounding clamp, and a safe work surface such as a welding table. Be sure that all gas canisters not in use and flammable materials are safely stowed away. In addition, some of the projects that follow are specially designed for the use of welders in their shops, such as the welding cart and welding table.

Small Welding Project Ideas

Book Ends
Many welders begin experimenting with book ends as their first welding project. Bookends can be made out of anything that can be bonded to metal. A horse shoe, tool, or ornaments for a trophy. Welders looking for a more traditional "L-shaped" book end can either be welded together or shaped. Book ends are not only great for use around the house; they also make excellent gifts.  
Learn how to make them here.

Fire Pit
A simple metal fire pit is elegant and adds a central place to gather in a back yard. While the metal will become hot enough to pose a safety hazard for children if they touch it, digging the pit into the ground and placing rocks around it will make it safer. A simple design for a fire pit requires welding four sheets of metal into a square and welding rods to each corner so that the pit is properly anchored into the ground. 
Learn how to make it here.

Firewood Caddy
A firewood caddy can be built by following a simple design, using square metal tubing, which should be sturdy enough to handle the significant weight of the firewood placed on it. The best part about building a firewood caddy is that it works perfectly with leftover scrap metal, as the following tutorial demonstrates.
Learn how to make it here.

Practical Welding Project Ideas

Storage Shelves
Every household needs storage shelves, and for welders who work in the garage, it's important to make sure every tool and accessory has a secure place while working on projects. It's helpful to keep the top shelves closer together than the bottom shelves so that they aren't overloaded with large, heavy objects. Materials for this will include square metal tubing for the shelf frames, while angle iron is an affordable option for the legs of the shelf. A project like this requires a large number of clamps to hold all of the pieces in place, and if the shelves are tall, be sure they're anchored to the wall or have support beams diagonally across.  
Learn how to make them here.

Shop Stool
This is a simple project that any welder can put to good use immediately. The materials are quite simple: (4) legs that are 22-inches long, (4) top frame pieces that are 12.5-inches,  (4) bottom frame pieces that are 12.5-inches, and a seat for on top. 
Learn how to make it here.

Welding Cart or Table
A welding table is by far the most practical project since it will provide a secure and accessible way to store and use a welder. For those following Miller's instructions, this project could take the better part of a day, if not two days. This plans are for a table that will be 4’ x ‘6’ and 38” high. By using the correct materials, it should be strong enough to hold up to 1,000 lbs and big enough to still have room to work. The tabletop overhangs the frame by 3” on 3 sides to allow room for clamping. 
Learn how to make it here.

A wagon is a great project that can use scrap metal and does not have to be complicated. By welding a frame, supports, and axles for the wheels, a flat bed wagon is easy to build and can prove practical around the yard. Learn more here. According to experienced welders, the most difficult part will be balancing the axles properly, so research will be critical for this project. 
Learn how to make it here.

Ornamental Gate
For those interested in adding a beautiful accent to their yards, an ornamental gate is relatively easy to weld and allows welders a variety of options depending on their skill levels. Welding the frame, bars, and spires are all quite easy to do, and with so many different accessories available, an experienced welder can create a stunning gate. 
Learn how to make it here.