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3M Speedglas Helmet SL 05-0013-41, with ADF, Shades 8-12 - 05-0013-41

by 3M
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SKU 3M05-0013-41
3M - SKU 3M05-0013-41

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 Be the featherweight champ with the 3M Speedglas SL. At only 12.6 oz. (including filter), its 25% lighter than our current auto-darkening welding helmets. The Speedglas SL welding shield is made from a strong lightweight material which provides excellent protection. Unlike other materials that can absorb moisture and become heavy, the Speedglas SL shield is nonabsorbent, so it retains its performance in high humidity. And we didnt cut weight by simply shrinking its size: the Speedglas SL shields facial coverage is virtually identical to our Speedglas 9000 series.

  • By using new liquid crystal designs and manufacturing techniques, we are able to make the Speedglas SL auto-darkening lens much lighter than our other models, but with the same outstanding optical quality and switching performance.

  • The Speedglas SL welding lens can be used with most arc welding processes such as MMA, MIG/MAG, TIG and plasma welding. It is particularly appropriate for low-to moderate amperage welding (0.1 to 250 amps), with four user-selectable sensitivity settings and five dark state levels: 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12.

  • A new motion detector automatically turns the lens on and off as the welder picks up or sets down the shield. The outer protection plate can be quickly removed and replaced by simply grasping the plate by hand.

  • A snap adjustment where the shield attaches to the head harness allows the welder to select one of four different settings, moving the shield either closer to or further away from their face. These back-and-forth adjustments allow for a variety of personal preferences. The user can also adjust the tilt of the shield to set a preferred viewing angle.

  • New head suspension increases adjustability.

  • ADF shades 8-12 and 4 sensitivity levels.

  • Welders always ask for two things in personal protection: lighter weight and more comfort.

  • Its reduced weight feels lighter on your head and neck, and is easily adjusted to personal settings.

  • The headband can be adjusted in size, allowing for an excellent fit for each individual user.

  • Easy back and forth adjustments of shield add to the comfort.

  • The user can also tilt the helmet to the preferred angle.


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                      • 3M Speedglas SL outside plate - pack of 5 - 05-0250-00
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                        3M Speedglas SL outside plate - pack of 5 - 05-0250-00


                        Description Replacement outside protection plate for 3M SpeedglasFilter SL.Length3.75 INCHWidth8 INCHHeight3.75 INCHGross Weight0.6 LBS

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