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The Top 24 ‘Weld My World’ Posts of 2011

Everyone’s doing a countdown, so why not join in on all the obvious fun? We’ve covered so many welding topics this year – from welding robots, welding certification, welding events, and even welding poetry – and we're going to make 2012 just as diverse, informative, and entertaining as ever. From January to December, here’s our list of the top 24 Weld My World Posts of 2011:



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3 Common Welding Mistakes To Avoid

Welding on your own, that is without an instructor over your back and in your ear, is the ultimate goal for any budding welder – just don’t throw your sensibilities out the window. The same advice should be drilled, hammered, loaded, and forged into the minds of more experienced welders. Skill level aside, open your ears and prepare your brain to take in some of the most common welding mistakes that can (and should) be easily avoided.


Reasons Scarfing Tools Fail

You know those little ceramic inserts used for scarfing the OD upset seam of tube after its welded, why don’t they last? Why do they break after only a short time in use?

It may seem an insignificant little tool at first, but if you look at the life expectancy of your scarfing tool you’ll be able to clearly see how all tools and equipment are cared for in a tube manufacturing shop.


Fact or Fiction: It’s Not Important to Understand Welding Math

Some welders might ask if this topic is even worth covering, which reminds me of being in my 11th grade Algebra II class. Before every session started someone in class would ask, “Do I really need to know this? When will I ever use Algebra II in life?” My teacher’s response always cracked me up: “When are you going to use it? Right now! So – to answer your other question – yes, you really need to know this, otherwise you won’t pass my class!” So, with that in mind. . .


5 Welding Mistakes That Could Kill You

Welding is a rewarding career and many people greatly enjoy it. Some people simply weld as a fun hobby. Whether you are a welder for pleasure or have made a good career out of it, there are some mistakes you can easily make that could kill you.



Fact or Fiction Revisit: Have You Kept Yourself Recession-Proof?

We first brought up this topic in the kickoff blog post written on Weld My World, “Fact or Fiction: Are Welders Recession Proof?” We’d like to know what changes have occurred in the job market since our last look. What changes have you made in your life to keep yourself recession-proof, or is it even possible to find job security in these uncertain times?



Some Tips for Welding Titanium

Titanium is a wonderful metal that is strong, beautiful, and often times is sought after. You find titanium in industrial projects, stovepipes, and even sold as wedding rings for couples who want their rings to last for eternity. Yet even though it is becoming more and more common to use titanium in welding projects, many welders face a lot of challenges when they try to weld titanium. It sometimes warps, cracks, or even turns blue, all serious problems that can have a welder give up in frustration.


Choosing the Right Welding Power Source

A welding power supply, logically, is a device that supplies electric power for welding purposes. Options for welding power sources are ample. Power sources may be a car battery or an advanced machine using silicon controlled rectifier technology.


On-Site Welding: A Good Financial Investment?

Onsite welding, or mobile welding, is when welders bring their talents to the client instead of having the customer come to a workshop to get welding services. The concept is simple enough; it’s like a welding shop on wheels, but is mobile welding a better financial investment than a home-based fabrication shop?


Trades Hub

A new platform has been launched online called “Trades Hub.” This new platform was designed and launched by Mike Rowe, the creator of the popular website mikeroweWORKS. The site is dedicated to those who work hard in the skilled trades and in building interests among the younger generations in these trades.


Axon Calc  LLCApps and Podcasts for Every Welder – Get Your Welding Help On The Go

Whether you need tips, tricks, or just plain old welding fun, there are many apps and podcasts available to whet the appetite of any welder.


Merge Modern Door Handles With a Classic Muscle Car

We’ve introduced you to Stacey David before. He’s the knowledgeable host of Gearz, a show about building and customizing automobiles. In this episode segment of Gearz, Stacey shows us how to replace the door handle of a classic automobile with a handle that's more modern and unique.


Emergency Welding in the Field – Arc Welding with Three 12 Volt Car Batteries

When you’re out in the field (which could be anytime in your life when you’re not working in the shop, whether you’re on or off the job), you never know when and where you might need to do some emergency welding.


Rat Rods Are for Welders

Having attended the Iola Old Car Show last weekend (held in the Wisconsin city of its namesake during the second weekend of each July) I was inspired by the amazing talent of automotive welders. What impresses me and interests me most is what can be done with an old rat rod.


6 Steps to Becoming a Certified Welder

So what does it mean to be a certified welder? Sounds like a fair question, especially if you’re interested in becoming a certified welder, because the answer seems to depend upon who you ask. In short, being a certified welder means you hold a certification (as in an official printed certificate) certifying you have the ability to produce welds according to accepted standards, formally prescribed in writing.


Miller vs. Lincoln in the Battle for Welding Equipment Supremacy

“I love Lincoln, they make the best welding machines I ever used!”…“No way, Miller makes the best quality welders, with the best prices, I never use anything else.”

And so the age old debate over who in fact makes the best welding machines rages on in perpetuity.


Marketing Yourself as a Freelance Welder

Opportunities to work as a freelance welder have become more abundant, but there is also more competition. Setting yourself apart with strategic marketing communications will secure you more jobs and jobs of higher quality. With a little time and the willingness to learn a few new tricks, you'll be marketing yourself effectively – online and off.


Tips on Launching a Welding Business

Welders who hope to open their own shops have quite a bit of work ahead of them. Before renting a shop or loading up on equipment, they will need to do a lot of research into the details of starting a business and what a welding business needs in particular.


freeze credit card

Freeze Your Credit Card: Welding on a Budget

Times are tough – making the impact on our wallets even tougher – but life keeps going. Here are some project ideas and cheap/discounted welding equipment and supplies to help you shave off a buck or two from those expensive welding projects. (Picture Credit: Paul Stocker via Flickr)


2 Possible Reasons Why Your Welding Career is at a Standstill

You’ve applied to every job that even mentions the word “welding,” and yet the only phone calls that you’ve come to expect are from bill collectors. Times are tough and the job market is even tougher, but if recent articles are to be believed the welding field is still alive and kicking.


Top 5 Books That Should be in Your Welding Reference Library

To be successful in any profession you need to stay on top of all the changes, advancements and trends in your field of expertise. To remain current and effective in your industry you must always be learning, striving to grow and adding to your knowledge base.


Delayed, Mandatory, or Voluntary: Is Welding Retirement Still an Option?

Do you want to retire, have to retire, or are you a part of a growing number of Americans that fall under both categories yet are not financially able to stop working?


Taking the Nontraditional Approach to Job Hunting

Some of us need a job, and some us really need a job. Deciding that submitting his resume was just not enough, experienced welder Charles Prather has made his resume a road sign – and the results look promising.

What if you’re a little road-shy? What other creative steps can you take towards job hunting?


The Power of Myth5 Persistent Myths About Welding

In one form or another welders have had to deal with some pretty interesting attitudes towards the welding profession. (Picture Credit: Jay Mann via Flickr)


Insurance for Welders

If you work for yourself as a freelancer or independent contractor you need insurance. Your agent will ask the right questions to help you find the level of coverage that you'll need, but consider if you want mobile welder insurance, general welding insurance, and/or basic business liability.

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