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    Pass the 3G MIG Welding Certification Test [VIDEO]

    If you had the opportunity to pass the 3G MIG certification test in less time than it usually takes, would you take it? Great (I’m assuming there was a silent “Yes!” on your part). Let’s put aside taking the test, because first we need to tackle what material the test actually covers.

    MoosicornFor welders interested in manufacturing or fabrication, the 3G MIG welding certification test is one of the most required certifications to have. Earning this certification enables you to weld flat, horizontal, vertical, 1G – 3G, or 1F – 3F positions.

    To become qualified to weld in flat, horizontal and vertical positions, you should try to pass the American Welding Society (AWS) D1.1 3G GMAW welding certification test. The people behind have put together a great guide that details what it takes to pass the 3G MIG welding certification test.

    For those of you that need a visual aid, the welding experts over at are back with a helpful welding video on 3G MIG welding certification. If you want to follow along, grab the materials listed on the side and pay close attention.

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  • bakersgas

    Mig Welding – Short Arc and Spray Transfer

    Weldingtipsandtricks explains the difference between short circuit transfer and spray transfer, and discusses the necessary settings for each. Spray transfer is a hotter weld, sounds different, and is best used only on thick metal for horizontal welds. Weldingtipsandtricks Description: Mig welding using short circuit transfer can handle sheet metal thickness all

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