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Weekly Roundup – Virtual Welding? Lincoln Has You Covered

Virtual welding, prison welding, remote-control welding, “Why welding remains vital for today's manufacturers,” and more in this edition of the Weekly Roundup. Picture courtesy ElisFanClub on Flickr Special News: Prison welding teaches, inspires Next week, the welding class at Deer Ridge Correctional Institution in Madras

Weekly Roundup – Amazing Optimus Prime 7ft Custom Robot

Sticking to my commitment of less “Welding Gone Wrong” news, here are some bits about new welding supplies, welding overseas, and more. The lead story is just the type to lift up your spirits this holiday: Iraqis learn welding through one of our own, Army

Weekly Roundup – Research Sparks Bright New Future For Welding

I’ll try to not drench the “Weekly Roundup” with “Welding Gone Wrong” news, but every week I find at least one story about a fire or some other welding-related catastrophe. This should let you know that safety should not be a secondary priority when welding.

Weekly Roundup – New Facility Creates New Jobs in Pittsburg, CA

Ah the end of another week. Let’s focus on news that is positive, informative, and interesting to read. No “Welding Gone Wrong” section this week. Enjoy!   Creative Fabrication & Welding serves clients at area’s most prestigious addresses If you turn off of Village Road

Weekly Roundup – Opportunties for Welding Students

Chew on bits about job opportunities, students in the welding field, new welding equipment, and more! Make sure to check out our first three news articles on falling profits and technological developments in the welding world. Side Note: Welders may have the upper-hand in this

Weekly Roundup – Miller Offers Faster News For Welding Professionals

This week saw news about more welding schools and programs, welding events, proactive teenage welders, and more.   Miller Offers Faster News For Welding Professionals Understanding the need for fast, up-to-date information in today’s digital world, Miller Electric Mfg. Co. today launched its new PRO

Weekly Roundup – Advanced Thinking to Revolutionize Welding

Check out news about innovation in the welding field, self-cleaning welding nozzles, welding jobs, schools/programs, and more.   Advanced Thinking to Revolutionize Welding A multi-million pound engineering research project is using advanced thinking to revolutionize the welding industry – and offering the prospect of saving lives.

Weekly Roundup – Lincoln Electric Introduces 108 New Welding Products in Nine Months

Today’s edition of weekly roundup features bits about welding in video games,
lawsuits, new welding tools (hot dog!), and much more.