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Weekly Welding Roundup: Welding News

The welding project for the Center Street arch was funded by members of the community, and it will be unveiled as part of a larger downtown renovation event that will include a Christmas parade, tree lighting ceremony, and candy ornaments. Sidewalks throughout downtown have been expanded and businesses look forward to the arch that will signal a new era is the town’s growth and development. 

Weekly Welding Roundup -- Welding News

The welding club, led Mary Kuebelbeck, a welding instructor at SVC, partnered with the city to fabricate a geese sculpture for the city welcome sign originally, and the relationships built with local fabrication businesses and the sense of accomplishment sparked a 10-year sculpture partnership.

Weekly Welding Roundup--Welding News

Even though welding apprentice Levi Jones worked four ten-hour days at the Plumbers and Steamfitters Local Union 157, he wasn’t done yet with his week. Jones visited his former welding class at Terre Haute South Vigo High School. 

Back to Welding School: Top Welding Gear for Students

It’s back to school season, and for thousands of welding students and welding programs, it’s back to welding school season! While a welding program provides the welding machines and supplies you’ll need, Baker’s can help students get on the path to success with the lowest prices on A+ welding gear.

Weekly Welding Roundup – Welding News Future Welders & Fires

Wade Morris worked on pipelines and in various welding industry jobs before accepting a position as a welding instructor at Barton Community College. Morris focuses on the skill and technique of welding by getting students in the booths as much as possible, trying to minimize classroom time.

Weekly Welding Roundup–Welding News

While Ron Standley, a construction manager, had long wanted to try out welding, his first time striking an arc happened because of a Father’s Day gift from his son Reed. Reed know that he and his father have a lot of fun working on cars

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Welding Instructor Jared Haas and the Class Project that Turned into a Business

This week we have Technology Education instructor Jared Haas sharing about a project he completed with his welding students at Line Mountain High School that turned into a something closer to a small business. Jared shares his story below: Two years ago, due to popular...

Weekly Welding Roundup–Welding News

A pilot welding program in a Montana women’s prison has successfully graduated 10 women whose welds passed industry standards and gave them a tremendous sense of accomplishment. One graduate, Misty Cockrill noted that the sessions in the workshop gave her a sense of freedom and

Welding Events in April

After the excitement of March Madness, let welding sparks light up the month of April. Massachusetts residents are in luck; three out of the four welding events below take place around Bean Town. Enjoy! I didn’t include events that already took place or are no

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Welding Events in January

It’s the end of winter holidays and the beginning of NFL playoffs; January is here. Welding workshops, classes, exhibitions and more fill up the January welding calendar. Enjoy!

I didn’t include events that already took place or are no longer open for registration.

Jan 2012

Picture Credit: Dan Moyle via Flickr


Welding Events in the United States

WELDING DEAL – Stonybrook Fine Arts: Half off jewelry making and welding workshops in Jamaica Plain – MA

Learn the basics of MIG welding while welding together pre-cut metal pieces to form a robot, dog, or other creature of your choice. No welding experience is necessary.– Event Description

Deal/Fees : $75 for a weld-a-creature workshop (worth $150). Go to event website to purchase voucher. Deal is available until Friday, January 13th.

Dates: Classes available many weekends throughout the year. Visit the Stonybrook Fine Arts website for specific dates.

Voucher expires December 1, 2012.

Location: Stonybrook Fine Arts

24 Porter St.Jamaica Plain, MA 02130



SportAir TIG Welding Workshop – Griffin, GA

Discover why TIG welding is fast becoming the welding method of choice among people building their own aircraft. EAA SportAir Workshops has teamed up with Lincoln Electric and the Alexander Technical Center in Griffin, Georgia, to present a TIG welding workshop. . .” – Event Description

Dates: January 7-8, 2012

Fees: Click here or call toll-free, 800-967-5746 for more information. Discount available for family members and SportAir Alumnus.

Location: Alexander Technical Center in Griffin, Georgia


The Columbus Idea Foundry TIG Welding Workshop – Columbus, OH

“This workshop covers the basics of how to TIG weld. TIG welding is a versatile and precise way of welding in which the resulting welds are both aesthetically and structurally sound. – Event Description

Date: January 14, 2012, 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Fees/Requirements: $120.00 – Participants must have “arc or MIG welding experience, either through attending a previous CIF MIG Welding and Plasma Cutting workshop, other institutional course, or work experience.”

Location: 1158 Corrugated Way, Columbus OH 43201

Email/call for more information: 614-299-IDEA (4332) or email info at ColumbusIdeaFoundry dot com


How to Prepare for a Welding Certification Test

Whether you’ve heard about the opportunities in construction welding, pipe welding, or the high-paying career in undersea welding, there’s one thing they all have in common: they’ll require welder certification. Image Source: Go Welding In order to land a welding job, most companies will want

MIT and Welding For Free

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is more than just that school from the movie 21 (by the way, the book was better; isn’t it always?). MIT is one of the m Most prestigious and sought after post-secondary schools in this nation. So, it was a pretty