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Lighter Stick Welding with the Miller Thunderbolt

The Miller Thunderbolt 160 and 210 DC Stick welders provide the punch and portability that welders working in a variety of locations can rely on. This popular stick welder and power source has been in high demand, and welders have been raving about its portability, versatility, and accuracy.

6 Stick Welding Tips for Working in Multiple Positions

Stick welding is the mainstay of shipbuilding and construction industries, and it’s also one of the most flexible welding processes for multiple locations. Depending on the material, location, and size of the weld, you can just swap out different electrodes, strike an arc, and get...

6 Heavy-Duty Welding Projects for This Winter

While it’s always appealing to pick a simple welding project that offers a quick win for the weekend, the coming winter is the perfect time to start a bigger, heavy-duty welding project that stretches over a few months. While it rains or snows outside, you...

How to Beat the Slag in Stick Welding

Stick welding is the best welding process for beginning or advanced welders who need to make clean, strong welds on metal that isn’t clean or ideal for MIG welding. 

Getting Stuck on Stick Welding

Many welders learn their trade by stick welding with 7018, 6010, and 6011 welding rods. The rods are versatile, easy to work with, and can be used in a variety of situations. If you have a welding project outside, a stick welding rod doesn’t need...

Safely Setting Up a Welding Machine for New Welders

During the holiday season there will be many welders picking up new welding machines and welding supplies for their shops and home welding projects, but if you’re new to welding, you need to spend some time making sure your welder is safe to use

Which Black Stallion Welding Glove Is Right for You?

Black Stallion welding gloves are known for their rugged durability and high performance on the job site. They are also some of the most popular welding gloves at Baker’s Gas and Welding. Reviewers share that they make repeat purchases and recommend these gloves for welding...

Art Welding Project Inspiration Part Two

From the fanciful and fun to the practical and user-friendly, art welding projects provide an excellent change of pace to your welding projects and can also provide a great opportunity to learn a new welding skill. In addition, an art welding project gives you a...

Tips for the Best Looking Stick Welds

Stick welding has a lot of advantages that are easy to overlook, especially since MIG welders have become so popular with many home and hobby welders. For starters, stick welding is relatively cheap and simple to set up.

The Best Gloves for Stick Welding

Today’s guest post is by Mark Williams of John Tillman Co. Trying to decide which Stick welding glove is right for you? When selecting a stick welding glove there are four important things to consider: What type of leather will work best for your project?

Which Type of Leather is Right for Your Welding Gloves?

Today’s guest post is by Mark Williams of the John Tillman Company. Leather is the most commonly used product in welding gloves for many reasons. It’s very flexible for its weight, and it provides the most economical protection for the features and protection it offers.

Find a Welding Job with Overhead Stick Welding

When it comes to learning a practical welding skill that you can carry into the job market, stick welding is a great process where you can start learning with minimal investment. Stick welding machines, at least the basic ones, are relatively inexpensive and you don't...

How to Strike an Arc When Welding

Picture Credit: www.millerwelds.com Arc welding is one of the most used methods of welding today, mainly due to its versatility and simplicity.  Beginner arc welders often have trouble learning the proper way to strike an arc weld.  But with a little bit of patience and

Different Welding Techniques

Welding is the process in which two pieces of metal are joined using heat and electricity.  The type of metal you are welding will determine the technique that will provide you with the best possible result.

5 Tips for Selecting the Best Welding Machine to Make Field Repairs

A great many welding projects are not conducted in the cozy confines of comfortable, well equipped and environmentally controlled welding shops, or even an equally convenient industrial complex or factory. A vast number of welding projects are repairs that range from simple, mundane tasks, to


All Purpose Filler Metals Classified By Welding Process

When comes right down to it, the successful completion of any project, welding or otherwise, begins with the right tools. It stands to reason, right? You can’t tighten a screw with a hammer, no more than you can pound in a nail with a screwdriver

Selecting the Right Electrode for Your Welding Project

Consumable Electrode Rods drive the Stick Welding process – these skinny little stick-like rods are the real power behind the most versatile, portable and effective welding process.

Consumable Electrode Numbering System Quick Tutorial

A Quick Guide to Consumable Electrode Rods Used in the Stick Welding Process If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably already familiar with Stick Welding and Electrode Rods, but for the uninitiated, here’s a very quick review. The term “Stick Welding” refers to the stick-like