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Quarantine Project - Simple Angle Iron Shelf

If you are needing a simple project to pass some time and make quarantine a little less dull, try out this simple angle iron shelf project. It is a simple shelf that is useful and looks great! Also, if you are a beginner welder, this should be simple enough to allow you to get your feet wet and make something really nice.

5 Simple, Satisfying Projects For the Beginning Welder

As a beginning welder, it’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed by what you’ve yet to master in the realm of welding knowledge. The best way to grow your skills is to head to your shop or garage and tackle some beginning projects.

6 Heavy-Duty Welding Projects for This Winter

While it’s always appealing to pick a simple welding project that offers a quick win for the weekend, the coming winter is the perfect time to start a bigger, heavy-duty welding project that stretches over a few months. While it rains or snows outside, you...

Welding Projects for Small Businesses

The Miller Electric welding project idea gallery has no shortage of inspiration for hobby welders and professional welders who want to use their welding skills in order to create high quality, customized projects. Welding projects don’t have to be limited to home applications.

The Best Weekend Welding Projects

Welding projects don’t have to take months and months to complete if you choose the right one. We’ve looked through a bunch of welding projects listed online and found the best projects that can be completed in a weekend.