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Maintaining Plasma Cutting Systems and Compressed Air

Today’s guest post is by Tim Lux of Miller Electric. When issues arise in plasma cutting systems, many of them stem from problems with the air supply. Moisture in the air supply is the No. 1 cause of poor cut quality and shortened consumable life.

New Machine Attractive to Welders Suffering from Shortage

In March 2011, an explosion rocked the Carbide plant in Kentucky. As a result, there is a shortage of acetylene gas in the United States and Canada. Welders are increasingly having to turn to other sources for their fuel gas, such as propane.

Welders Affected by Acetylene Shortage

This past March, a chemical plant located in Kentucky exploded. The Carbide Industries, LLC plant supplied welders across the nation with acetylene gas, a gas commonly used in welding due to the fact it is easy to use and is very hot, making it easy to heat and bend metal.

History of Plasma Cutting

What is plasma cutting? It is a process that uses a plasma torch to cut through steel and other kinds of metal or materials of various thicknesses. An inert gas (in a few units, compressed air is used instead of a gas) comes out of


Hypertherm Plasma Cutters: The Powermax Advantage

Not that we’re telling you which brand of plasma cutters to buy, but we strongly recommend giving Hypertherm’s Powermax a chance. In the video below, Hypertherm details the reasons Powermax plasma cutters give users an advantage working on any project. Some of the reasons given