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A Simple Upgrade for your Millermatic MIG Welder

As new Millermatic MIG welders in the 200+ amp class become more affordable and packed with even more features, there are some accessory upgrades that will make your life under the hood a bit easier. The MDX-250 EZ-Select MIG Gun is an optional MIG gun from Miller that has plug-and-play compatibility with Miller's MIG machines that are rated for 200 amps or more.

A Beginner's Guide to MIG Welding

Here is a batch of questions about beginning as a MIG welder, finding the best equipment and materials, and optimizing your welding set up for the best possible results. 

The Ultimate MIG Welding Tips Roundup

If you’re getting started with MIG welding or looking to upgrade your machine, now is the time to check out the great deals on MIG welders at Baker’s Gas and Welding. The prices are the most competitive you can find online, and almost every machine...

How to Make a Stronger MIG Weld

MIG welding downhill works great for thin metal and joints that won’t see a lot of pressure and heavy use. However, once you start welding thicker metals that see a lot of action, you need to start looking into more reliable techniques that create strong welds, such as welding uphill.

MIG Welding Tips

MIG welding is one of the most popular welding techniques being used today.  It can be used to weld a variety of metals and is one of the most in demand welding skills around.  Because of its versatility, MIG welding has become a favorite among

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MIG Welding Tips for the Short Arc and Spray Technique

MIG welding techniques that are used in the short arc method of welding are different than the techniques used in spray MIG welding.  In short circuit MIG welding the welder uses either a straight CO2 welding gas combination, such as 75% argon gas or 25%

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MIG Welding Tips

MIG welding is a very popular form of welding that is used in many applications. Welding is a challenging career. Veteran welders are always able to use tips that will help make their job easier, and beginning welders can use tips to further their education

Tips for MIG Welding

MIG welding is a very popular technique that is done by many welders. No matter how good you are or how long you've been welding, there are always tips that you can use to make your welds even better. Even a veteran welder has room

Welding Repairs: Damaged Threaded Holes

A few days ago I dropped my MP3 player in a sink full of water (serves me right trying to do dishes and dance at the same time, but let’s not get sidetracked). Since I’m electronically savvy, I was able to repair the player before