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Which Plasma Cutter is right for your application?

A plasma cutter provides a simple, clean, and efficient way to safely cut metal. They are particularly popular with large cutting operations because they don’t require a pre-heating cycle, cut a wide variety of metals. Miller Plasma cutters can cut through up to 7/8 inch steel and stainless steel and up to 5/8 inch aluminum!

Tips for Making the Cut This Summer

Plasma cutters and oxy-acetylene torch set ups are some of the most reliable and flexible ways to cut metal. However, there are a bunch of factors to consider when you look into a cutting set up. There are angle grinders and saws that can make

How to Choose the Best Miller Plasma Cutters on Sale

Now is the best time to pick up a Miller Spectrum plasma cutter on sale since you can get free shipping and additional discounts on specific models from 5-15% with Miller’s limited time Build with Blue Promotion. Miller’s Spectrum plasma cutters come in 5 different

A Special Offer for Hypertherm Plasma Cutting Consumables

One of the leading brands in the plasma cutter industry is Hypertherm. Baker’s Gas and Welding is once again offering a limited promotion for Hypertherm plasma cutters that has been one of the most popular bargains for welding supplies at the Baker’s site. Baker’s is offering...

Reasons to Choose a Hypertherm Powermax 45

In the month of May, Baker’s Gas and Welding is featuring Hypertherm plasma cutters and offering a free consumable kit with select purchases. When you ask welders, fabricators, and other metal workers which plasma cutter is the best, they’ll often mention Hypertherm.

Comparing Oxy-Fuel Cutting Setups: Propane and Acetylene

A good oxy-fuel cutting set up is a convenient and clean way to cut metal quickly. Acetylene has been an industry standard for many years, but if you’re considering which cutting fuel is the best for your shop, there are quite a few things to...

Pass the 3G MIG Welding Certification Test [VIDEO]

If you had the opportunity to pass the 3G MIG certification test in less time than it usually takes, would you take it? Let’s put aside taking the test, because first we need to tackle what material the test actually covers.


8 Ways to Prep Metal for Welding

Before you set up your welder and strike an arc, you’ll need to first prepare your metal for welding. Sometimes you’ll need to make a quick cut and other times you’ll need to make a long cut through thick metal. No matter how long or thick

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Get Ready to Weld with the Right Plasma Cutter

The ability to cut metal is what neatly and quickly can save you a ton of time in your welding operation and in your home shop.

Welding Fact or Fiction: Alternative Fuels Can’t Be Used for Welding and Cutting Steel

Introduction  Alternative fuels, including propylene, propane, and natural gas, have earned a reputation for having a wide application. They have found their way into countless applications in manufacturing and metalworking, utilities, and general consumption. There has been one niche that hasn’t quite been penetrated by

The Best-Selling Propane Cutting Outfit

One of the best selling products at Baker’s Gas and Welding these days is a Smith propane cutting set up that is listed as the following: Smith – American Classic Heavy Duty Cutting & Heating 510 Toolbox Outfit Propane. While MIG welders and high quality

Should You Purchase a Welder-Plasma Cutter Combination?

If you’re already considering making a significant investment in a welder, you may be tempted to purchase a unit that combines a welder with a plasma cutter. You’ve seen how a plasma cutter slices through metal with a clean, quick cut, and it wouldn’t hurt

Gas Welding and Cutting Safety

Gas welding and cutting are processes which use oxygen and fuel gases to cut and weld metals. The method was first used by French engineers in 1903. Pure oxygen is used and increases the flame temperature, allowing the localized melting of materials in a room.

Video Tutorial on How to Cut with Alternate Fuels

Smith Equipment has provided a two-part series on how to cut with acetylene and alternative fuels with detailed safety and set up instructions. These videos are the perfect place to begin if you’re new to oxy-cutting or if you need a refresher on torch and

Three Alternatives to Acetylene Fuel

Due to a tragic explosion at the main manufacturing plant in Louisville, KY, there is a shortage of acetylene, the cutting fuel that reaches the highest temperature for cutting, oxy-welding, and brazing. Without entering into a debate about the best cutting fuel, the current shortage means