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Weld With Confidence

Have you ever heard the expression: Success Breeds Success? What does that phrase really mean? It’s kind of like a hit song or blockbuster movie. Regardless of how good a song or movie may be, they’re not born in the public’s collective consciousness as “a

Welding Jobs – Apply Today!

Introduction As we’ve previously discussed here at the blog, welders remain in demand during an otherwise tough economic market. Whether you’re looking for your first job (fresh welding degree or certification in hand), you’re an experienced welder looking for a new challenge (or maybe a

Is Welding School Really Worth It?

If you are thinking about going to welding school then chances are you have to be asking “is it really worth it”? That all depends on what you want to do with your career! Going to welding school opens the door for many other career


Welding Education: A Bachelor of Science in Welding Engineering and what it can do for you

What is Welding Engineering? If you were to reduce the welding process to its core elements, you would discover the process is all about physics—as in the science that explains matter, gravity, velocity, chemistry, biology and the universe at large.


Careers in Welding: Certified Welding Inspector

Even if you’ve only been working in the welding trade for a short time, chances are you’ve encountered  a Certified Welding Inspector (CWI). According to the American Welding Society (AWS), the welding industry’s premier trade association, the CWI credential is a nationally and internationally recognized

Welding Careers and Salaries

Welding is a dynamic career field that offers a number of unique specializations, with many exciting work opportunities. Welding is one of the most highly sought after and high-paying skilled trades, with positions available in a variety of industries including construction, heavy industry, manufacturing, shop-building

Fact or Fiction: Welding is a narrow field with little opportunity for advancement.

The answer to this fact or fiction is: fiction.   There are many different career paths for welders which spans several industries (careersinwelding.com).  In welding, there are jobs for people who like to work outdoors, work underwater, work indoors, work close-to-home, travel, teach, and more.  Education

Welding Internships: Get real work experience before you graduate

As a student, I am always on the lookout for internships in my field. Internships are the best way to get real work experience before graduation and they can help you build an impressive resume in an economic slump. Although some internships are unpaid, the experience and knowledge you receive increases