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How to Make a Wooden Welding Cart for Two Machines

It is well known that welding carts can get very expensive. Even if you do not buy a pre-made cart, the amount of metal needed to make one can get expensive. This project is made out of 3/4” plywood, making it much cheaper to source the necessary materials.

Fall Welding Projects: The Simple, the Challenging, and the Rebar

Here are some of the best fall welding projects we found online. You may need to pick up some primer and paint for some of these projects if you want to get the best possible finish. But if you’re looking to see what you can do with a torch and welder, we’ve got plenty of projects to get you started.

Weekly Welding Roundup: Welding News

The welding project for the Center Street arch was funded by members of the community, and it will be unveiled as part of a larger downtown renovation event that will include a Christmas parade, tree lighting ceremony, and candy ornaments. Sidewalks throughout downtown have been expanded and businesses look forward to the arch that will signal a new era is the town’s growth and development. 

Spook Your Friends With 3 Halloween Welding Projects

Some costumes need the sturdiness or steely finish that only a welder can provide. That’s why this October we’re bringing you 3 welding projects guaranteed to help you win any costume contest you enter. 

3 Welding Projects for Welding Students and High School Shop Classes

If you’re a teacher looking for a few good welding projects, we salute you! Keep reading for 3 high school level welding projects you can easily incorporate into your classroom. 

3 Handy, Home Decor Welding Projects

The temperatures have risen and spring has officially arrived. This means it’s time for spring cleaning and organizing. Regardless of whether or not you enjoy home organization and decoration, as a welder, you have the ability to create custom pieces and modify dysfunctional spaces in

8 Rebar Holiday Welding Projects

With the holidays fast approaching, now is the time when thoughtful gift-giving ideas are born. Most of the people in your friends and family’s lives don’t have your welding skills and are unable to create the useful, beautiful gifts that you can using rebar. 

4 Easy, Handy Bookend Welding Projects

One of the easiest starter welding projects you can create is a set of bookends. They’re a simple, practical way to hone and sharpen your welding skills while unleashing your creativity. As a bonus, the materials are affordable so if you strike an arc and

5 Simple, Satisfying Projects For the Beginning Welder

As a beginning welder, it’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed by what you’ve yet to master in the realm of welding knowledge. The best way to grow your skills is to head to your shop or garage and tackle some beginning projects.

The Best Fall Welding Projects

As summer gives way to fall, it’s a great time to strike up your arc and start welding some projects either in the yard or in the garage. If you’re looking for some practical welding projects that you can put to good use this fall...

Welding Projects for Small Businesses

The Miller Electric welding project idea gallery has no shortage of inspiration for hobby welders and professional welders who want to use their welding skills in order to create high quality, customized projects. Welding projects don’t have to be limited to home applications.

The Best Weekend Welding Projects

Welding projects don’t have to take months and months to complete if you choose the right one. We’ve looked through a bunch of welding projects listed online and found the best projects that can be completed in a weekend.

Round Up of Welding Projects for Beginners

Beginner welding projects are a great way to start using your welder to build practical items for your home, work shop, or as gifts to family and friends. A welding project should provide a useful product for you or someone else while also letting you...