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Save on All Hypertherm Plasma Cutter Models

Baker’s Gas and Welding is offering significant savings and rebates on the Hypertherm Powermax plasma cutting systems. Students or recent graduates of an accredited welding program can receive rebates between $100 and $500 depending on the machine purchased, while anyone can use the PROMO Code: WMW120 to save $120 on any of the plasma cutters listed below.

The sales page of each Hyperterm Plasma cutter has links to all of the add-ons, consumables, and accessories you’ll need, but we’ll break down the benefits of each machine below.

Hypertherm Powermax30 XP

For metalworkers and welders who need a portable but powerful cutting system, the Powermax30 XP provides an effective and versatile option with both high power cutting (recommended ⅜”  and severance at ⅝”) and precise fine cutting. Switch between 120 V and 240 V and carry your plasma cutter from workshop to job site in its heavy duty carrying case.

Compared to previous Hypertherm models, the latest Powermax30 XP boosts cutting power by 50% and increases cutting power by 30% when compared to oxy fuel cutting setups. Consumables will last twice as long and offer a 70% boost in efficiency for most cutting processes, saving time, energy, and money.

Learn more about the PowerMax 30 XP

Hypertherm Powermax45 XP

Efficiently and effectively slice through ⅝” steel with this small and lightweight cutting system that offers both handheld and mechanized usage with CNC interface and FastConnect torch connection. First time users will quickly learn to make cuts with its drag-cutting technology.

Smart Sense technology ensures that the air pressure is always set properly, and users will save time with its low amp precision gouging that makes it a snap to mark and score each gouge.

Learn more about the Powermax45 XP

Hypertherm Powermax 65

The Powermax 65 cuts through ¾” steel and severs 1 ¼” materials, while offering more portability (33% smaller and 15% lighter than previous models). It’s designed to save metalworkers and welders because it can cut faster using less power and with significantly longer consumable life.

The rugged Duramax torch design is designed to withstand high heat and impact under demanding conditions. Switch between jobs easily with different torch styles. The conical flow nozzle and patented shield on the torch reduces dross buildup so that you can make clean, smooth cuts at full output.

Learn more about the Powermax 65

Hypertherm Powermax 85

Enjoy all of the benefits of the other plasma cutter machines on this page with several added capabilities for CNC cutting tables. FastConnect torches, CNC interface, and four work lead styles increase versatility for handheld and mechanized use. The LCD control panel is simplified and user-friendly.

It’s suited for cutting 1” to 1 ¼” materials, with a 1 ½” severance. Like other models of the Powermax, the 85 provides faster cut speeds, improved cut quality, and longer consumable life.    

Learn more about the Powermax 85

Hypertherm Powermax 105

Cut through thicker metal faster and with more precision on this high end Hypertherm plasma cutter. You’ll enjoy all of the features in the previous models as well as enhanced features for CNC cutting and a wide voltage tolerance that improves performance on motor generators and in low-line conditions.

Learn more about the Powermax 105

Welding Student Rebate on Plasma Cutters

Hypertherm is offering a limited time rebate on plasma cutters for welding students or recent graduates.

How do you know if you’re eligible?

  • You are a current student or recent graduate (within the past year) from a welding or metal fabrication program at an accredited school or training organization.
  • You’re making your purchase of a Hypertherm Powermax30/45/65/85 or 105 within one year of the date of your graduation.
  • You are buying your Powermax system from an authorized Hypertherm channel partner.
  • This is the first, and only, time you are claiming this rebate.

Rebate options:

Powermax 30 – $100 Visa Gift Card
Powermax 45XP – $200 Visa Gift Card
Powermax 65 – $300 Visa Gift Card
Powermax 85 – $400 Visa Gift Card
Powermax 105 – $500 Visa Gift Card

Learn more about this rebate

Learn More about Hypertherm Plasma Cutters

Plasma cutters are on sale with half off consumable kits and free ground shipping on most orders in the lower 48 states. We offer detailed spec sheets, customer reviews, and customer assistance online or by picking up the telephone.

Visit the Hypertherm Plasma Cutter Page

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