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October Roundup – Blog Posts You May Have Missed

Alas fright month is over. As we Segway into November, don’t miss all the welding bargains, tips, videos and more of October. Check out our list of the Weld My World posts from last month (sorted by category then by date posted).

Picture Credit: Chen Neil via Flickr

October Calender

Baker's Bargains

Price Drop! All Miller MIG Welders at

The Bestselling Gloves for Work and Welding

Save an additional 5% on ALL Tillman Products!

General Welding Tips, Resources

The Plasma Cutting Process

6 Essential Elements for Selecting the Right Plasma Cutting Tool

Vertical Welding Tips

What You Need to Successfully TIG Weld

Get Ready to Weld with the Right Plasma Cutter

Using the Right Gas for the Job


Learn How To Weld

Flux Cored Arc Welding


Special Materials Welding

Working with Kydex Thermoplastic

Welding Copper


Special Welding Processes, Techniques

The Orbital Welding Process

Blacksmithing vs. Welding

What Is Electron Beam Welding?

Welding Thin Using GMAW


Welding Certifications

Are Welding Certifications Really Worth It?


Welding Equipment

What to Look for in a New MIG Welder


Welding Fact or Fiction?

Welding Fact or Fiction: Alternative Fuels Can’t Be Used for Welding and Cutting Steel



Welding News & Noteworthy

September Roundup – Blog Posts You May Have Missed

2 Possible Reasons Why Your Welding Career is at a Standstill


Welding Projects

3 Fun and Fast Home Welding Projects

Ornamental and Artistic Welding Projects


Welding Reading List

Top 5 Books That Should be in Your Welding Reference Library


Welding Safety Tips

Welding Resources – Welding Safety


Welding School & Job Info

Welders and Unions, the Pros and Cons

Is Welding School Really Worth It?

Welding Jobs – Apply Today!

One Simple Reason you Should Never Leave Welding School Early

A Resume for Welders

Women Welders

A Simple Website for Welders

What is the Difference between Welding Schools and Welding Colleges?


Welding Starter Guide

Welding Starter Guide: Shielding Gases for MIG Welding


Welding Videos

Welding Video: Welding [Exhaust] Tubing

Convert Your MIG Welder to an Aluminum Welding Machine With ‘Xtreme 4×4’ [VIDEO]


Welding Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup – News in the Welding World

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