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Miller Welders and Plasma Cutters on Sale Through Build with Blue Promotion

The price for a Miller welder or plasma cutter has dropped from March 1st
and May 31st with the latest Build with Blue promotion offered by Miller
Electric. Welders will be able to take an additional 5-15% off the already
discounted price of Miller welders and plasma cutters at the Baker’s Gas and
Welding online store. If you’re looking for a new welding machine or plasma
cutter for your welding projects, these prices will be among the lowest for a
Miller machine all year. In addition, if you need some new welding supplies such
as a welding helmet, welding jacket, or welding table, you can use these
purchases to get additional savings. Here’s how you can save money on a new
Miller welder or plasma cutter.
How This Promotion Works

Between March 1st and May 31st, purchase an already discounted welder from  The list of participating machines is below.

For models that offer the cart option, this promotion includes those machines
as well.

Once you know which machine you want, consider whether you want the 5% or 15%

How to Save an Additional 5% on a Miller Welder or Plasma

If you just need to buy a new welder or plasma cutter, you can visit and purchase one of the participating
in the promotion in order to be eligible for the 5% rebate. Make a
purchase of one of the machines included in the promotion and then submit the
rebate form after the machine arrives.

How to Save an Additional 15% on a Miller Welder of Plasma

If you need a new welder and some essential welding supplies, the 15% rebate
option is your best bet. You can find a welder from Baker’s at the sale price
and then buy at least $150 worth of genuine Miller products in the same order
with the welder.

You can review a complete
inventory of Miller products
that you can pick up as part of this promotion.
You’ll find everything from welding helmets to welding tables to welding jackets
to welding supplies such as MIG Consumables. If you’re planning to weld with aluminum
wire, a spool gun would be
a nice item to pick up, while welders who want to protect their investments
should consider picking up a heavy duty cover that will
protect their welders from dust and debris in a work shop.

Click here
for a list including part numbers.

When the machine arrives, download the rebate form where you will fill in
the amount you paid for the machine and accessories in order to receive your

How it works: Take a standard Millermatic 211 (907422) as
an example. The sale price at Baker’s is currently $1,070. If you add a
Spoolmate 100 ($240) to the order you will now be eligible for the 15% rebate.
The rebate will be for $160.50 ($1,070 x 15%). There is no discount on the
accessories. The 15% off only applies to the sale price of the machine. Once
you’ve filled it out, submit the rebate through the instructions on the rebate

Why Miller Welding Products?

While there are many high quality brand names in the welding business today,
these particular welders and plasma cutters by Miller Electric are among the
best selling products at the Baker’s Gas and Welding online store and all have
received extremely positive reviews from customers. This is the one time
throughout the year that Miller offers a rebate promotion on top of the sale
price that you’ll already find at Baker’s Gas and Welding. If there was ever a
time to invest in a new welder or plasma cutter, this is the time.


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