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Is This is the Most Versatile Cutting Torch on the Market?

Is This is the Most Versatile Cutting Torch on the Market?

The Detroit Torch Cobra DHC2000 is fast becoming one of the most talked about Oxy-Acetylene cutting systems on the market. This simple, ergonomic pistol-grip torch is designed to efficiently deliver heat in a low velocity, highly concentrated flame that can weld most common metals, even aluminum, and cut through metal, such as mild steel, that is up to one inch thick. 

This torch is made in the USA, has a lifetime warranty, and offers a variety of advantages: 

The Detroit Cobra DHC2000 Torch Cuts Like a Plasma Cutter

While a plasma cutter is often chosen over an oxy-fuel cutting system in shops that can afford them, the Cobra DHC2000 provides a unique mixing chamber for optimum gas mixing and a clean-burning flame that provides narrow, square cuts that require minimal clean up. In addition, the efficient design of this torch makes preheating your metal workpieces a snap. 

Welding with the Detroit Torch Cobra DHC2000

For Oxy-welding projects, the Cobra DHC2000 torch provides a highly concentrated but controlled flame that keeps the weld puddle under control and prevents blowing out. In fact, this torch’s flame’s velocity is four times lower than a conventional torch. This ensures that the metal workpiece will be preserved and the weld will be clean without spatter. 

In particular, since the flame is so concentrated and shielded so well, you can easily complete TIG welding projects with this simple torch setup. These welds are sturdy enough because they fully penetrate the metal, but they also resemble the clean welds of top TIG machines. The technique for welding with this torch is simple, requiring very little movement of the torch and making the process easy for beginners to learn. 

Additional applications include: brazing, soldering, leading, and pre-Heating a variety of metals including: mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and cast iron. Keep in mind that this is a highly portable, light-weight set up that you can take with you to any job site. 

Added Benefits of the Detroit Torch Cobra DHC2000

The highly efficient mixing chamber of this torch set ensures that you’ll use your gas efficiently, saving on fuel costs. But even more importantly, the ergonomic pistol-grip design of the torch ensures that metal-workers can operate in a natural position and minimize fatigue while on the job. It runs on 4 lbs of Oxygen and 4 lbs of Acetylene fuel. 

The promaster cutting kit provides everything you need to get started with your new torch system, providing the tips, torch, regulators, and tools you need to get the job done. 

Act Now to Save on a Cobra DHC2000 Cutting Set

Baker’s Gas and Welding provides free ground shipping on most orders over $50, and you can currently save $35 on this highly anticipating cutting set. The torch is 100% made in the USA and it comes with a lifetime warranty. Visit Baker’s Gas and Welding to watch a detailed demonstration video or to review our spec sheets to make sure this is the perfect torch for your welding shop. 

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