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How Switching to MDX Consumables Will Change How You MIG Weld

How Switching to MDX Consumables Will Change How You MIG Weld

Jammed bird nests of wires in your MIG welder are about to become a thing of the past. 

You already know that wire feeding through MIG guns has added a level of unmatched convenience and simplicity to many welding and production projects, but now with Miller’s line of MDX MIG welding guns and Acculock MDX consumables, MIG welding has never been easier, more comfortable, or more efficient. 

Miller MDX 250 MIG gun

Here is an overview of the advantages of MDX consumable kits that are compatible with Miller’s MDX MIG guns. Keep in mind that you can also adapt your current Miller MIG gun or Bernard MIG to use MDX consumables with an inexpensive diffuser. 

How MDX Acculock Consumables Help Welders 

With coarse threads on the contact tips, perfectly aligned power pin and contact tip, and error-proof liner trimming that eliminates the need to measure, MDX consumables take the hassle and guesswork out of MIG welding. Wires won’t catch or pile up in the gun because the durable threads ensure continuous wire feeding. 

By picking up a complete set of MDX Acculock consumables, you’ll have a fully compatible setup that includes a contact tip, nozzle, diffuser, liner and power pin cap flawlessly working together to deliver great welds. With steady, reliable wire feeding, you won’t have to worry about burnback or erratic arcs as you get to work on your welds. 

When it’s time to swap out your consumables, the MDX consumables are designed for easy removal from the MDX MIG gun. Converter kits make them a breeze to insert into your existing torch setup. 

Which Welders Use MDX MIG Guns and Consumable Kits?

There are two Miller Acculock MDX consumable kits: the 100 and the 250. 

Miller MDX Consumable Charge

The MDX-100 MIG Gun consumable kit is compatible with the following Miller Electric welding machines: 

  • Multimatic 220
  • Multimatic 215
  • Millermatic 211
  • Millermatic 141

The MDX-100 Acculock MDX Consumable kits are ideal for home and hobby welders as well as lighter duty fabrication welding projects. 

The MDX 250 MIG Gun consumable kit is compatible with the following Miller Electric welding machines: 

  • Multimatic 255
  • Multimatic 200
  • Millermatic 212
  • Millermatic 252
  • Millermatic 255

When you’re welding heavier, industrial applications these MDX 250 consumables can take the higher temperatures and last longer, giving welders greater productivity with their durability. This means less time spent on maintenance and fewer supply costs. 

If your welding shop uses Miller or Bernard MIG guns, then you only need to pick up the MDX consumable kits to get everything you need. And even if you have a previous MIG gun model, a simple diffuser kit makes it easy to gain all of the benefits of the long lasting Acculok MDX Consumables. 

Baker’s offers discounts on the diffuser kits for M-Series MIG guns that work with the 100 series of MDX consumables, or you have two options (option 1 and option 2) for the M-Series diffuser kits, for the 250 series. 

Using the Miller MDX-250 EZ-Select MIG Welding Gun

This groundbreaking EZ-Select MIG gun from Miller includes a 15 ft cord and uses .030-.035 wire along with AccuLock MDX Consumables. Adding an EZ-Select trigger option to the MIG gun, welders can switch between four different MIG settings that they’ve chosen ahead of time with the push of a button. A line of four lights indicates which setting is in use. 

The Miller MDX 250 EZ-Select is also an extremely comfortable for welding all day. Featuring a newly redesigned handle with rubber overmolding and rear swivel to minimize strain, the MDX 250 EZ-Select MIG gun simplifies everything from feeding wires to swiveling the gun in tight spaces. If you want to get out of a jam, this is the MIG gun for you.

Other Miller MDX MIG Gun Models Using Acculock MDX Consumables

There are two other Miller MDX MIG guns that are designed specifically for the Acculock MDX consumables. The MDX-100 MIG Welding Gun and the MDX-250 MIG Welding Gun (each is nearly 40% off as of this writing) both offer the same comfortable grip, easy feeding for MIG wires, long lasting consumable life, and easier inventory management with fewer parts to keep track of throughout each welding project. 

These MIG guns don’t offer the same setting adjustment option right on the torch, but otherwise provide the durability and convenience of the 250 EZ-Select model. 

Read More about the Acculock MDX Consumable Kits

If you’ve lost time on a home welding project or a fabrication order at your shop, then it’s time to unleash the true potential of your MIG welder with the Acculock MDX consumable kits that convert your MIG welder into a true production dynamo. 

Learn more about the 100 and the 250 Miller Acculock MDX Consumable Kits

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