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Cash in Rebates Up to $100 on Jackson Balder Welding Helmets

There are plenty of great welding helmet options out there for both
professional welders and hobby welders who strike their arcs at home for small
projects. You may not have heard of the welding helmets from Jackson
but they’re currently offering a great rebate promotion at Baker’s Gas and Welding that will make
them especially worth a look.

We’re going to take a look at the Jackson Balder BH3 Auto-Darkening welding
helmet (that is the top of the line helmet they offer), digging into some of the
specs and then compare it to some other helmets on the market. Here’s what you
need to know:

Curved for Safety and Visibility

The first thing you’ll notice about a Jackson Balder welding helmet is its
extra curved design that stands out from the other welding helmets that tend to
have flat fronts. Why are these helmets different?

Heat and fumes can build up on a flat front welding helmet, leading to fog
and inhaling fumes. However the Jackson Balder helmet offers a unique curve that
makes it easier to weld with greater visibility, less heat, and less fumes. When
you’re working on a TIG welding project, you’ll benefit from improved

Rugged and Safe for the Long Term

Jackson Balder welding helmets are rugged and tough, as they meet revised
ANSI Z87.1 High Impact 2010 standards for working on a site where personal
safety is an issue. They also provide a hard hat adapter option for construction

If you want a little extra security with your purchase, Jackson Balder
helmets come with a 5-year warranty that is comparable or better than many
warranties currently on the market.

Power Supply

You won’t have to worry about your auto-darkening shades running out of
battery power since Jackson Balder helmets come with a solar power supply.

Features on the Jackson Balder Helmet

The places where these helmets really stand out are with comfort and
visibility. The rounded design should give most welders a more natural fit and
the the viewing area should have less smoke and fume build up.

They’re also comparable to the weight of other leading welding helmets,
weighing in at around 19 ounces. That will save on neck strain and weariness
throughout the work day.

It’s also easily adapted for all of the features that have become standard
for welding helmets. For instance, you can add a cheater lens or change the
outside plates as needed.

For straight up welding work that isn’t out of position, the Jackson Balder
helmet is a good choice since it has two auto-darkening sensors that will pick
up on flashes and provide the right level of shading (9-13) that you require.
Two sensors are standard on many welding helmets, although the top of the line
welding helmets from Lincoln, Miller, and Speedglas will offer three or four
sensors, providing a greater degree of protection for out of position welds or
welding in areas with greater obstruction.

The viewing area isn’t quite as “high” as some other welding helmets, but
overall the 3.78 x 2.69 inch opening is close to many other helmets.

Overall, this is a solid, light-weight helmet that is flexible and full of
standard features that you’ll be looking for in a welding helmet. The addition
of the $100 rebate makes is an even more attractive offer for welders who may be
hesitant to buy a brand of welding helmet they’re never heard of.

Is Auto-Darkening for Me?

The majority of welders today are using auto-darkening helmets. While it may
be hard to learn how to weld with a flip-down helmet once you’ve accustomed
yourself to the convenience of auto-darkening, most welders have come to
appreciate the simplicity of auto-darkening. You’ll be able to zero in on the
weld joint and get started without any risk of losing your spot.

That’s a really great advantage, especially if you’re a new welder who is
just learning how to weave a weld, get the settings right for amperage and
shielding gas, or moderate the heat of a TIG torch with a foot pedal.

Learn More About Jackson Balder Welding Helmets and the

Visit Baker’s Gas and Welding Today

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