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5 Holiday Welding Projects with Rebar and Other Metals

5 Holiday Welding Projects with Rebar and Other Metals

Some time off for Christmas vacation means that it’s time to stock up on thin steel rebar (or to pick some thin steel), to fire up your welder, and to tackle some holiday welding projects. Whether you’re working with a MIG welder, stick welder, or TIG welder, these five holiday welding projects for beginners or novice welders are simple enough, use cheaper materials than most welding projects, and can be perfectly adorned for the holiday season. 

Before you run out to the supply store for some rebar and welding supplies, take a look at these five holiday welding projects to get some inspiration. You may want to consider a handy way to cut metal as well, such as a torch kit or, if Santa is generous this year, a plasma cutter. 

1. Rebar Christmas Tree Welding Project

What if you could have a Christmas tree that is sturdy enough for any sized ornament, won’t leave needles all over your floor, and doesn’t need to be assembled or watered? This isn’t your ordinary artificial tree. This is a welded Christmas tree with rebar branches. 


A metal chop saw and any welding process will get the job done here as you tack weld these branches to the metal trunk. The most important part of this project is to get a large piece of rebar that you can use as the trunk so that it’s easier to attach the smaller rebar branches to it. 

2. Outdoor Tree with Star Welding Project

If decorating the front of your house is important for your family during the holiday season, these trees are the perfect thing to try. You can make them from rebar or any other mild steel or metal you can easily bend into shape.

Make sure your tack welds are clean and make plans to paint the metal before placing the tree (or trees!) outside. A white finish may be ideal. Source

3. Reindeer Tealight Welding Project

Bump your home’s warmth up a notch with these cozy reindeer tealight holders. You’ll put your metal cutting skills to the test with this intricate project, especially if you aim to match the original design’s size of 4” tall and 3.25” long. 

Finish them with a bronze powder coating or apply a black finish. Add the touch of a red nose to one of them if you’d like to recall the most famous reindeer of all. Source

4. Rebar Snowflake Welding Project

Whether you’re decorating indoors or outside, this rebar welding project will turn some heads since the texture of the rebar matches perfectly with the design of snowflakes. Simply measure, cut, and tack weld the steel rebar together for this simple welding project that is ideal for beginning welders or experienced pros who want to turn out some impressive decorations from their shops. 

White or silver paint may be ideal for finishing this Christmas welding project. Source

5. Copper Reindeer Welding Project

Don’t limit your creativity to rebar. As easy as it is to work with, you can also pick up thin copper pipes and connectors at any supply shop and create wall displays of any size and shape. 

This copper reindeer adds a festive minimalist touch to your home and primarily just needs to be cut and glued together. A red faucet handle on the nose adds a bit of unexpected whimsy that may leave kids confused when they try to turn it on. Although a TIG welder can certainly handle welding copper if you’d like to go that route. Source

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